Owned and Controlled by Over 9,500 Local Families

Savings stay in the community…. because that’s where the owners live!

Because the Co-op does not aim to turn a profit, we do not need to add a “profit margin” to our prices. This means that savings are returned directly to you, the member/owner, through lower prices.

The “Co-op Buyers Club” offers members even more savings. Discounts are offered by local businesses that are only available to Co-op members!

We always offer the Best Overall Value…ALWAYS

There are NO LIMITS on the amount of Food Products you may buy…. even when they are on special!

You are a legal owner… you have a vote at the Annual General Membership Meetings held each January. Voting is done democratically…One Member – One Vote!

We support community activities, groups and organizations.

We offer One Stop shopping… everything from gas to appliances to custom floral arrangements!

We offer a full range of convenient services to make your get-togethers easy…meat and cheese trays, veggie trays, sandwich trays, fresh fruit trays or baskets… all custom made to your specifications!

You have a say in the products carried… by entering your suggestion in any one of the suggestion boxes. We always make every effort to accommodate your requests!


From financing purchases like a new washer to buying your gas or for use at any place that accepts visa. Ask at the Service Desk for details!

Learn More About Co-ops

Co-ops are different from other organizations. They exist for different reasons, they are run differently, and they even follow different government regulations.

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