Welcome New Member / Owners!

We are pleased you decided to become an owner alongside almost 9500 local families!

Reviewing the information below on membership will help you to better understand your Co-op and the services and products we have to offer.

Your Member Relations Staff, including the attendants at the Service Desk, are more than happy to answer any further questions on membership you may have.

How it works to be a Member / Owner

Share Capital

In order to be a legal owner, you will be required to invest in the store. This is done through the purchase of shares. Policies surrounding share capital are determined by the Board of Directors. If you should leave the Co-op for any reason, your share capital will be returned to you in accordance with the policies established by the Board.

When you join, you will pay an initial $10.00 towards your share capital. From then on, you will pay a 2% upcharge on your grocery purchases only until you have accumulated $1000.00 in shares. This charge is simply added to your grocery bill for your convenience.

Service Fees

The $1.00 per week service fee represents your contribution to the store’s overhead costs (heat, lights, wages, etc.). This is what is meant by “direct charge.” Your contribution is charged to you directly and payment of the fee is required once a week whether you shop every day or every other week. Like the share capital, it will be added to your grocery bill for your convenience. Members can choose to pay their year’s fees ($52.00 + HST) upfront at any time and receive a $5.00 discount.

On Your Grocery Bill

Thus, on your grocery bill, you will see a $1.00 per week service fee (unless you have paid your service fee for the year upfront) and a 2% upcharge on your groceries, which is your Share Capital investment. These fees and investments are what help keep the Co-op’s prices low and quality high. Even including these fees, you will notice a significant savings on your groceries.

Going Away

If you are leaving town for a period of 4 weeks or more, notify the Service Desk, and your membership will be put on hold so fees do not accumulate while you are away. Simply stop by the Service Desk upon your return, and your membership will be re-activated.

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