How do I participate as an active member?

Members Are Our #1 Concern

How can YOU get involved?

  1. By using the services your Co-op provides as often as possible, you are helping to strengthen the organization.
  2. By using the suggestion boxes for any questions you may have, you are making us better able to provide each member with the products and services you would like to have.
  3. Adults are encouraged to participate in their store by sitting on various committees of the Board or even by becoming one of 12 directors that volunteer their time to lead our Co-op to a successful future.
  4. By attending the Annual Meeting (held each January) members can vote on issues that affect the store and also vote on new directors.
  5. By telling neighbors and friends about YOUR store, you may be opening up an opportunity for others to become members who can benefit from membership as well.

A complete Member Service Department is available to sign up members and answer any questions or concerns they may have. The service desk is situated right inside the front door of the store. All attendants receive extensive training to be able to answer any questions members may have. We also have a staff Member Relations Officer who can assist members with questions, explain membership issues and welcome new members to Fredericton Co-op.

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